Vacuum Pressure in the Cavity         

Volume of the vacuum tank [l]:
Initial air pressure in vacuum tank [hPa]:

Hose diameter [mm]:
Hose length from CCAB to chillblock [m]:

Die temperature [°C]:
Shot weight (Aluminium) [kg]:

Active shot sleeve length [mm]:
End of pouring hole [mm]:
Plunger diameter [mm]:
Plunger velocity 1st stage [m/s]:

Number of vacuum channels:
Venting cross section per channel [mm²]:
Venting device:
Vacuum start delay [s]:
Vacuum valve closes after [s]:
Vacuum reduction [%]:
Duration of vacuum reduction [s]:

Leakage cross section [mm²]:

Time of evaluation [s]:



Shot sleeve fill level [%]:

at time t= [s]
Air pressure in the tank [hPa]
Air pressure at measurement point [hPa]
Air pressure in the cavity [hPa]
Extracted air volume [l]